Why Choose


Alpine TeamOur primary goal is and always has been that our clients enjoy their experience with us.

Water and coffee service play a crucial role in many businesses, whether it be for their clientele or staff. While these services are important in many companies, they are not services that should require a lot of time or energy on the clients’ part.  Alpine understands this and we work out the meticulous details to ensure that our clients do not have to spend their valuable time or energy on their water or coffee service.

Product Selection

Alpine is not a one-size-fits-all company. We service every zip code in all 50 States and because of that, we know and understand the water quality in your specific area. We use our expertise to determine the correct system to best meet our clients’ needs, depending on where they are located and how they will be using the water.

Quality Control

Our equipment installations, ongoing service and preventative maintenance are performed by certified Alpine employees. We take a lot of pride in the service that we provide and we do not leave it to chance by using third-party companies to do the work that our clients entrust in us.


We take the time to listen to what our clients’ specific water and coffee needs are and then we develop solutions to best meet those needs.

  • Lab quality water for clients in the medical and dental industry
  • Refill stations for clients who use a lot of water outside of their office
  • Ice machines for clients in the hospitality or restaurant industry


We strive to develop relationships with our clients and do not want to be just another vendor. We view our clients as clients rather than just a customers. With clients, we have an obligation to continue to earn their business each and every day, rather than a customer who purchases someone once and may or may not ever purchase again. We become partners with our clients and are always seeking their input on how we can improve our processes to make their job more convenient and experience more enjoyable.

Whether you have a single location or thousands of locations, Alpine has the solution for your water and coffee needs. There is a reason why the majority of our clients have utilized our services for well over a decade, as we do not give them a reason to look elsewhere.